Prestige Lavender Fields @ Lakeside Habitat Phase 2

10 Reasons Why You Should Choose Prestige Lavender Fields @ Lakeside Habitat Phase 2

Are you considering a new home in Prestige Lavender Fields @ Lakeside Habitat Phase 2 in Bangalore? Even if you’re still undecided about making a move, here are ten reasons why Prestige Lavender Fields @ Lakeside Habitat Phase 2 is an excellent choice.

1. Prestige Lavender Fields Unrivaled Location: Centrally located between the buzzing metropolis of Bangalore City and Electronics City, this privately gated community has quick access to town. Residents can conveniently access some of Bengaluru’s top destinations with ease. Additionally, CLF is just minutes away from an array of world-class schools, restaurants, hospitals and malls.

2. Prestige Lavender Fields Unique Amenities: In Prestige Lavinder Fields estate you’ll find an array of features that make it unique from the other gated communities in Karnataka. You can take a dip in its exquisite pool or go for a refreshing walk around its well-manicured garden courts; get boutique fresh groceries from its village style shops; and enjoy your days around its calm lake areas -all within the security of their private fences!

3. Prestige Lavender Fields High Security: All properties have modernized security systems integrated with CCTV surveillance for overall safety and convenience for residents living inside this estate. This includes 24/7 patrolling guards stationed at all strategic points and intercom system as a quick form of communication between residents and security personnel when needed!

4. Prestige Lavender Fields Eco Friendly & Sustainable Living Environment: Living spaces here are designed in compliance with the best green building standards that help reduce energy consumption while maintaining optimum comfort levels with your family indoors.. The Solar farms located on-site help light up ambiences at night while saving energy costs during hot summer days!

5. Prestige Lavender Fields Award Winning Community Designation: Costantino International Landscape Awards 2014 was awarded to this community as part of its prestigious title since it ensures all landscapes become more livable as they’re designed according to sustainable urban practices – preserving biodiversity while aesthetically pleasing to residential environments nearby!

6. Prestige Lavender Fields Low Impulse Noise Vibration – Unlikely other neighborhoods close by where loud street sounds penetrate walls surrounding homes causing uncomfortable noises indoors, Prestige Lavinder Fields has low impulse noise vibration levels due to strategically placed noise reducing shields installed on both entrance roads leading into their enclosed community gates!

7. Prestige Lavender Fields Easy Accessibility: CLF Township offers easy accessibility via expressways connecting them directly towards key major cities like Bengaluru International Airport (BIA), Electronic City & Mysore Road ; while always having employees who assist drivers whenever they face parking trouble in public areas too! Besides these major highways there are several alternative avenues which offer transport solutions into downtown Bangalore; like train routes along one side or taxi services running beside another section providing passerbyers uninterrupted transportation solutions throughout all hours!!

8. Prestige Lavender Fields Clean Surroundings: You won’t find any unpleasant waste or garbage littered around these pleasant surroundings because dedicated garbage management personnel ensure every single bit gets collected thrice weekly (on established designated days) ; thoroughly disposing anything unwanted or discarded before getting into people’s hands thus keeping their clean & sky maintained high!!

9. Prestige Lavender Fields Socialization Programs For Kids: Exclusive kids playgrounds and regular socialization activities organized by local residents ensure young children get trained on much needed soft skills required everyday such 21st century classroom life while growing up together whole discovering new hobbies such playing instruments together in fun enjoyable music captures – even though none end up knowing how to really play something professionally but none minds cause everybody gets benefitate tremendously here by working closely together learning inherent values essential throughout life cycle!!

10. Prestige Lavender Fields Outdoor Amenities suitable For Everyone: This highly sought after neighborhood enclave provides ample walking trails filled with blooming plants surrounded those trees allowing families exercise outdoors without stepping far away; There be also Tennis courts near facilities which let parents spend quality time working their cardio muscle strength whilst their little ones look on amazed watching professionals hit balls back forth over netting settings installed… And If swimming looking then Olympic sized pool indoor available exclusively for members only helps relax breezy hot summer anytime!!

Prestige Lavender Fields