Prestige Lavender Fields Floor Plan


Prestige The details and arrangements of the homes, spread across several residential floors, are revealed by the Lavender Fields floor plan. You enter the residences through a foyer area that unlocks to reveal the living/dining room. The balcony, a great place to enjoy the peaceful outdoors, is further connected to the dining area. The dining area features a tiny utility or storage space next to the kitchen. The main bedroom is large and includes a bathroom or toilet area. For both large and nuclear families, a separate structure is available in each of the numerous combinations. The best tiles were employed in the balcony sections, and high-quality flooring was installed in the living and utility spaces. The modular kitchen includes a sink, a chrome-plated faucet, and a granite countertop. Keeping culture, fashion, and comfort in mind, modern society’s discriminating tastes are considered, and meticulous attention to detail is visible in every nook and cranny of the homes. Ahad Serenity comprises opulent apartments that provide tenants with top-notch living.

The renowned developer Prestige Group, recognised for decades for producing outstanding projects throughout South India, intends to introduce superb residences, Prestige Lavender Fields, in one of the city’s most well-liked neighbourhoods in Bangalore. It is an upcoming flat development that will be quite stylish and trendy. The 1, 2, and 3-bedroom set units in the Prestige Lavender Fields floor plan come in various sizes, designs, features, and pricing, all ideal in line with the preferences of the target investors.

The homes will include roomy accommodations with little wasted space, plenty of air, a stream of natural light, and attractive architecture and features. Together with enormous open spaces surrounded by nature, the complex will be adorned with Prestige hallmark amenities and facilities for leisure, health, wellness, entertainment, and other conveniences, enabling and providing for each resident of any age group. One of the selected residential vicinities will be home to Prestige Lavender Fields. The structure will be strong, and there will be city amenities. Excellent options for getting about the rest of the city will be available via the roads and subway. The occupants can rapidly care for their routine, emergency, and luxury needs because of the location’s convenient access to work zones and physical and social attractions. These residences will be reasonably priced and well within the means of investors.

According to the Prestige Lavender Fields floor plan, the luxury apartments will offer 1, 2, and 3 bedrooms. These homes will be exquisitely designed, cozy, and comfortable for every resident, whether they are living alone or with families. Even people can think about investing in these residences. Apartments in the upscale Lavender Fields are available for single or bachelor residences. Even with only one bedroom, one can live happily here. The one-bedroom, one-bathroom Prestige Lavender Fields floor plan includes a lobby, a living and dining space, a bedroom, a bathroom, a kitchen and utility room, and a balcony. Sizes and arrangements could change according to price.

The two-bedroom homes at Prestige Lavender Fields are ideal for single people or small nuclear families. These homes will be a cosy retreat for the occupants and properly suit their demands. The two-bedroom Prestige Lavender Fields floor plan has a foyer, a living room and dining room, two bedrooms, two bathrooms, a kitchen and utility room, and one or two balconies. The two-bedroom sets will also differ in size and cost.

Large families, people who frequently entertain visitors or people who require sufficient autonomous rooms can consider Prestige Lavender Fields 3 BHK residences. Despite the cause, all of these potential home purchasers’ needs have been considered in the design of these residences. One foyer, one living/dining space, three bedrooms, two or three bathrooms, one kitchen/utility room, two or three balconies, and a servant’s room with an attached bathroom are all included in the Prestige Lavender Fields 3 BHK floor plan. All of these will change depending on the flat’s size, design, and cost.

Bangalore draws residents from across the country to settle down because of all its benefits. People pick the metropolis since it offers several advantages. People from all over the country are drawn to the dynamic lifestyle, abundant job and business opportunities, and fast-expanding and high-tech infrastructure. There is no shortage of investment in this area from the public and commercial sectors, as well as from individuals and multinational corporations; information technology, in particular, is the primary sector that generates a significant amount of jobs. To top it off, there are outstanding properties currently available around the city and its suburbs with features and amenities par excellence that draw investors instantaneously. Real estate today, specifically the housing industry, also experiences a surge in demand. Prestige Lavender Fields is one such property that is ready to have all the ingredients to be an instant hit with house buyers and will sell out quickly once reservations start.

Frequently Asked Questions

The following floor plans are available for the 1 BHK, 2 BHK, and 3 BHK homes at Prestige Lavender Fields.

Soon after the township starts, Prestige Group will decide on the floor increase charge.

It is not yet known what the exact information will be. It is noteworthy, however, that the architects for this project are among the country’s best. Once we receive approval, we will update the information.

Apartments with two bedrooms and one bathroom will have a foyer, a main bedroom, a guest bedroom, two bathrooms, a kitchen with utility, and a balcony.

Floor alterations are not recommended at this time. After registration is complete, one might choose to move floors.

Indeed, after the debut, the model flats will be accessible. The residential complex Prestige Lavender Fields is still under construction.