Prestige Meridian Park in Sarjapur Road

Prestige Meridian Park

We could sense the Prestige Group’s presence in many parts of the city. Several noteworthy and impressive projects have been completed in the city by this brand. Prestige Group has earned many accolades for its quality and overall performance. Pride of South India is another name for the Prestige Group.
The Prestige Meridian Park properties demonstrate their prominence. Prestige Group’s projects in Sarjapur Road include

  • Prestige Lakeside Habitat (Sold out)
  • Prestige Silver Crest (Sold out)
  • The Prestige City (Possession 2025)

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The Prestige City

This is an exciting brand-new project that will be released in 2021. Prestige City is the largest township in the city, Prestige Meridian Park is an eternal property. There are many different housing forms available on this 180-acre parcel, such as villas, plots, and apartments.

A number of notable features have been added to elevate the serene, fun, comfort, convenience, and luxury of the end-users living in Prestige City. Leading experts in the country developed the designs of this huge property for Prestige Group. We own a majority interest in the Prestige City and all of its units, all of which feature plenty of sunlight and fresh air. There is also no wasted space in this project.
Prestige Group’s current projects in Sarjapur Road?
Prestige Lakeside Habitat And Silver Crust Are sold Out Projects. However, it falls under the Sarjapur Road swing.

The Prestige Meridian Park
180 acres of land are available for sale in this new launch property. There are several housing patterns in this township, including plots, apartments, and villas. The Prestige City consists of 7000+ apartments across 3 towers, namely

  • Prestige Meridian Park 
  • Prestige Avalon Park
  • Prestige Eden Park
  • Prestige Green Aspens

The Prestige Meridian Park apartment offers many advantageous configurations for 3 BHK homes. Prestige City villas have a private garden. Prestige City apartments are spread over 100 acres. The Prestige City township offers a good deal of natural light and fresh air in all its units. A team of experts created the design for it. Prestige Meridian Park premises are well laid out, so there is no waste of space.

Prestige Meridian Park has plenty of facilities and amenities on its premises. On-premises, arid we have a lot of facilities that provide comfort and convenience for our daily lives. Here are some of them:

  • Children’s play area
  • Five-a-side football arena
  • Tennis courts
  • Party pavilion with stepped seating
  • Jogging Track
  • Amphitheatre theatre

Another advantage of purchasing this excellent property is its location in Prestige Meridian Park. Infrastructure and connectivity on Sarjapur Road are excellent.