Prestige Meridian Park Master Plan

Prestige Meridian Park is a new residential wing in Cedar Woods Block that offers 3 Bedroom luxury apartments with varying sizes, door faces, and prices. Towers 6, 7, 8, 9, and 10 will be located in Cedar Woods Building 5. These towers are designed to be on the Ground and have 30 floors to house exquisitely crafted three-bedroom apartments. Meridian Park offers 2680 units. The apartments with exterior facings measure 1387 Square feet. Apartments facing North will have a size quote of 1387 square feet. They will be parts 1 and 6. The size quoted for the East and West-facing apartments will be 1665 Square Feet. They will be parts 2 & 5. The size quoted for the East & West-facing apartments will be 1665 Square Feet and will be parts 2 & 5. Unit 3 & 4 will include the East & West facing apartments measuring 1865 square feet.

The master plan for Meridian Park in ‘The Prestige City” shows an august Entry/Exit Arch and security room. The entrance leads to the tower drop-off, clubhouse drop-off, surface parking, and a pool with a deck and pavilion. There is also a party zone, barbeque grill, terrace gardens, futsal courts, senior corner, urban farming, an entry ramp, an exit ramp, designated pedestrian path, designated parking space, Hammock Garden Fire Driveway, and a service zone.

The property is surrounded by greenery and open space. Prestige Meridian Park provides a wide range of leisure, fitness, and recreation amenities. In addition, it is thoughtfully designed to offer an all-inclusive housing package. This magnificent clubhouse features a variety of indoor amenities, including a dance studio, aerobics deck, and yoga/meditation rooms. In addition, the premises include an underground drainage system, an in-house sewage treatment facility, and an organic waste converter. Professional service providers manage the security of the premises with the help of robust security systems, CCTV surveillance equipment, and other devices installed at the appropriate points according to the layout plan.


1. What is Prestige Meridian park?

Prestige Meridian Park, an enclave consisting of luxury 3-bedroom apartments at The Prestige City, is located on Sarjapur Road.

2. What area is Prestige Meridian Park?

This apartment enclave covers an area of 18-plus acres in The Prestige City.

3. What number of apartment units are there in the enclave, and how many?

Two thousand six hundred eighty units will be built in 16 towers. Each tower will have Ground and 31 floors.

4. Is there a socialization area in the enclave

Prestige Meridian Park will offer several great places for residents to socialize, including a clubhouse and party zone.

5. Are the environmental and ecological benefits of this project?

Yes, the enclave will have large open spaces and well-landscaped areas. In addition, the enclave will include a sewage treatment plant and an organic waste converter.