Prestige Meridian Park Price

Configuration Type


Super Built Up Area Approx*

1387 – 1865 Sq Ft

Prestige Meridian Park, the latest addition to Prestige’s integrated community ‘The Prestige City,’ is located in Yamare Kallahalli Village off Sarjapur Marathalli Main Road near major employment destinations. The residential launch will offer three-bed configurations in a variety of sizes. Meridian Park, a luxury apartment development in the city’s eastern part, is an attractive investment.

Prestige Meridian Park offers 2680 units of 3 bed apartments. Prices vary depending on the type of unit. There are three apartments: 3 Bed Classic, 3 Be Premier, and 3 Bed Ultima. The 3 BHK Classic apartments face North. They have a size of 1387 SqFt / 128.88 Sq Meters (Sale Area) and a carpet area of 943 SqFt / 87.63 Sq Meters. This version is available at an INR 95 Lakhs price. This assemblage of apartments will be located in Towers 1 and 6 at Meridian Park.

The 3 BHK Premier Apartments have East and West-facing doors. These apartments will be located in Tower 2 and Tower 5. These apartments have a total area of 1665 Sq Ft/154.70 Sq Meters and a carpet area of 1125 SqFt/104.50 Sq Meters. These apartments start at INR 1.10 crores.

These 3 BHK Ultima apartments have doors facing East and West. They can be configured in Meridian Park’s Tower 3 or Tower 4. There are two sizes of the 3 BHK Ultima apartments. Type-1 apartments will have a total area of 1865 sq. Ft. / 173.24 Sq. meters and a carpet area of 1265 Sq. Ft. / 117.53 Sq. meters. Type 2 will offer a total of 1851 Sq. Ft/ 171.97 Sq. meters, and a carpet area of 1276 Sq. Ft/ 118.58 Sq. meters. Prices for these apartments start at INR 1.22 crores.

Floor rise fees are applicable. They would be an additional INR 2 Lakhs per five floors. December 2025 is the date of completion. The premise can cater to many buyers with a variety of financial capabilities. Prestige Meridian Park in ‘The Prestige City” will guarantee a prosperous future with unrivaled value appreciations and a life of luxury.


1. What is the price of an apartment unit at Prestige Meridian Park

This residential project offers 3-bedroom apartments at an affordable price of Rs. From Rs. 95 lakhs upwards, Prices will vary depending upon the floor and where it is located.

2. Is Prestige Meridian Park property likely to appreciate?

Apartments in this residential development will see a significant price increase. Its strategic location in Sarjapur Road, a fast-developing area, is why it is.

3. Are the apartments likely to generate a good rental income?

Sarjapur Road is experiencing a steady influx of new residents looking for homes. As a result, investors will be assured of a good rental return on Prestige Meridian Park properties.

4. Are there any offers for Prestige Meridian Park’s property?

Yes, there are several initial offers from the developer for the residential enclave. Investors can use these offers to purchase property in this enclave for the highest prices.

5. What is the resale price of an apartment in Prestige Meridian Park

This development is by The Prestige Group, a well-respected developer. It is located on Sarjapur Road. Apartments will have a high resale price.