Prestige Serenity Shores Specifications

Prestige Serenity Shores is the most recent luxury development in Prestige Group. Prestige Group. The development is located in one of Bangalore’s most sought-after real estate areas in Bangalore, Whitefield, in East Bangalore. This luxurious, high-end residential enclave is well-planned and built with one, two, and three-bedroom apartment homes.

They epitomize elegance, and this project is designed to satisfy the needs of the most discerning homeowner. The concept was carefully thought of, and created the residential area will offer the best quality of the building. Conceived by the most brilliant minds, the development will serve as a testament to the Prestige Group’s reliance on quality.

The attention to the minor details will be evident throughout the development of residential units, including the lobbies and the apartments. The foyers at the entrances to the towers will be decorated with vitrified tiles clad with marble or granite, widely used to construct the elevator’s cladding. The towers with high rises will have ample-sized high-speed elevators of suitable capacity.

Paints with texture and discoloration will be used during the project’s building, if applicable. The units will have vitrified tiles throughout the living/dining areas, kitchen, and bedroom areas, as well as anti-skid ceramic tiles for the bathrooms. In addition, ceramic tiles will be used for the apartments’ large balconies.

The kitchens will have facilities for exhaust fans, a chimney and water dispensers, granite counters, and chrome-plated fittings for taps. Bathrooms will be fitted with ceramic floors on the floors, pedestal washbasins, as well as geysers, and exhaust fans. Bathroom fittings are of the highest design and quality. Currently.

The main door will be constructed from timber, with similar frames and internal doors. They are made of laminated shutters and timber frames. Clear glass with aluminum frames and UPVC are the main components of the large and numerous windows inside every unit. In addition, the apartments will come with ample electrical and lighting outlets, telephone and television outlets in the living area and bedrooms.

Individual electric meters and ELCB for each residence within the enclosure. A well-trained security team will ensure each resident’s highest security and safety. CCTV cameras and security cabins at exit and entry points will ensure complete security of residents and their residences.

Prestige Serenity Shores is a residential development built to the highest industry and standards. The enclave meets the requirements and expectations of everyone but is highly meticulous. Living in a building with this high standard will be a satisfying and enjoyable experience.


1. What is Prestige Serenity Shores?

Prestige Serenity Shores is an elegant residential enclave designed through the Prestige Group that will comprise one, two, and three-bedroom homes.

2. Do the homes in the enclave well ventilated and lighting?

The apartment units are well constructed and feature a variety of large windows with clear glass that let in sunlight and airflow.

3. What security measures are available on the Prestige Serenity Beaches?

The residential development will be staffed by trained and equipped security personnel working all day. In addition, there will be a variety of security cabins, as well as CCTV surveillance throughout the enclosure.

4. What are the specs of the apartments at Prestige Serenity Shores?

The apartments in this residential neighborhood will be equipped with vitrified tiles throughout the living areas and anti-skid ceramic tiles when appropriate. In addition, the bathroom and kitchen areas will include various options to accommodate appliances, including exhaust fans, and feature the most acceptable standard of fittings.

5. What is the power supply to the units of the project?

Prestige Serenity Shores will have individual meters for each apartment and concealed wiring throughout the building. A backup power source will be available, and there will be enough light and power outlets within the units.