Prestige Serenity Shores

Prestige Serenity Shores | Whitefield | Bangalore

Prestige Serenity Shores | Whitefield | Bangalore

The project will be located in one of the best areas of Bangalore. A place like Prestige Serenity Shores is a great place to buy a property in Bangalore’s east part if you are looking for luxury. There are many apartments for sale in this new high-rise prelaunch, including apartments with 2, 3, and 4 bedrooms.

Apartments are available in a variety of sizes, ranging from 905 square feet to 1,018 square feet. – 2882 sq. ft.  There is a Prestige Lakeside Habitat near Whitefield. Additionally, there is a wide selection of well-reputed restaurants and entertainment harbors in and around this integrated township.

It is located close to some popular malls, including Inorbit Mall, VR Bengaluru, Forum Shantiniketan, and Phoenix Marketcity, which are all close to the project’s location. Besides Prestige Serenity Shores, there is also a railway station near Prestige Serenity Shores.

It is expected that the Namma Metro Rail Line, which is scheduled to be completed within the next few months, will help to connect the Whitefield area with other areas, helping to facilitate instant communication.

There are some buildings located in the city of Bangalore that make up the Prestige Serenity Shores. It is located in a lovely location in the East Bangalore district of Urthur Hobli, near Whitefield and Sarjapur Main Roads in Gunjur of Varthur Hobli.

With a pleasant environment and beautiful greenery surrounding this construction, its residents can enjoy a renewed sense of well-being a development that is surrounded by beautiful greenery. There is a wonderful view from all the habitats surrounding the property of the famous Varthur Lake, which is a stunning view from the surrounding habitats.

The development is a great place if you are looking for a luxury apartment in Bangalore that will suit your needs. There is a good chance that you will get a good night’s sleep here because of the large, spacious, and well-lit apartments. It also has 24-hour security to keep residents safe at all times.

These are some of the top schools in and around Whitefield. Besides this, Columbia Asia Hospital and Sri Sathya Sai Super Speciality Hospital are the top hospitals around Whitefield.

As one of the most important cities in a significant economic center, Whitefield is home to the Prestige Serenity Shores community. Located in the heart of the city, Whitefield is one of the top real estate markets in the city. People who work in the many work centers scattered throughout the neighborhood can make use of this property as a convenient location for them.

One of the city’s most hot real estate areas, Whitefield is one of the country’s hottest suburbs when it comes to real estate. In addition to high-end housing developments, shopping centers, and entertainment centers, the city is an emerging residential hub.

In addition to three stations on the rail network, the area has an airport. Real estate properties are therefore an ideal investment for investors. Numerous luxury residential homes in Whitefield are designed by top real estate agencies and offer luxury features and amenities alongside luxury homes.

A lavish lifestyle in a township will allow you to stay close to your place of work while still being able to enjoy a luxurious lifestyle. As Whitefield grows, residential home demand increases. Whitefield has a wide range of home options for buyers, including luxury properties, villas, and plots.

Access to Whitefield is via Old Madras Road (NH 4). Located on Whitefield Main Road, Whitefield is connected to other towns in the area by this road. Varthur Road and Old Airport Road also connect the region. The Outer Ring Road connects it to Marathahalli as well. Located 3 km away from Hoodi Railway Station, the area has a connecting railway station.